Bath Soak - Cambrian Clay Orchid
Bath Soak - Cambrian Clay Orchid
Bath Soak - Cambrian Clay Orchid

Bath Soak - Cambrian Clay Orchid

8.0 oz


Luxurious bath soak with fresh musky scents of Orchid made with mineral rich Dead Sea Salt crystals and detoxifying Cambrian Clay.

How it works:

Our bath soaks are made from Dead Sea Salt that is rich in 21 essential minerals including magnesium and calcium which provide anti-inflammatory, purifying, hydrating and nourishing properties. Mixed with Cambrian Clay for its ability to  remove impurities from the skin, clearing out pores and removes excessive water from the body reducing puffiness. This blend carries revitalizing scents of our signature Orchid scent to increase your sense of well-being.

Active Ingredients:

Maris Sal: "Mineral rich" Salt containing over 21 essential minerals for the skin. Promotes the healing of skin tissues and skin allergies, including psoriasis, rashes and eczema. Contains amazing natural powers that aid in detoxifying pores and help to clear dead skin cells. Which not only result in silky smooth skin, but can also help clear acne and other skin spots. Dead Sea Salt is a gentle, natural exfoliate that removes dead skin. It’s mineral rich components will soften skin and restore hydration.

Cambrian Clay: Provides an intense detox and Promotes removal of oils and impurities from the skin, clearing out pores.

Tips to use:  Add desired amount to bath tub under running water and disperse throughout bath with your fingers. Lay and enjoy!

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride (Dead Sea Salt), Cambrian Clay, fragrant oil, herbal mix