Facial Steam- Detox
Facial Steam- Detox

Facial Steam- Detox

9.0 oz


Herbs have been used for centuries to cure various ailments. Their healing properties are truly remarkable, and that is why we often use them in many of our products. Now we have developed 4 specific pure herb blends for an even bigger impact. Soothe your skin and your mind at the same time. All it will require is a herbal tea bath.


Facial Detox

This specific blend is formulated to open your pores, expel toxins, reduce puffiness & balance your skin tone. At the same time, you will feel relaxed and at ease. It's the perfect Sunday afternoon treat. 


Tips for use:

Add 2 tbsp of herbs to a bowl of steaming water. Tie hair back, cover head with a towel in a tent form and allow your head to rest a few inches above the steam mixture for 5-7 minutes. Breathe deeply and allow impurities to melt away. 



Rosebuds, calendula flower, nettle leaf, chamomile flower, fennel seed, lavender flower, palmarosa, orange essential oil.